Running for a cause

Hello all fellow travelers! What is one thing that hurts you the most while traveling? For me, it is seeing young children out of school, selling souvenirs to foreign tourists, helping their parents in street side eateries or even the young guides who try to make ends meet with their broken English. When a child…

Peru itinerary

This itinerary has a lot of 4am wakeup calls and multiple days of 3 hr drives from Cusco. See my notes at the end for alternative choices. Nov 16. Day 1: Fly from SFO-Lima and Lima to Cusco. I did not spend any time in Lima but if you time 1-2 days might be good….

Nusa Penida, a little escape from Bali

If you have been to Bali and thought about how Bali might have looked like before the Western surfers and yogis discovered it, or if you happen to go to Bali in the future and start thinking about old Bali, take a boat to Nusa Penida!

Cambodia – temples and ruins

The temples and Gods in Cambodia are massive, with steep steps and unique stone art. They take you back to an ancient age of rulers and religions and the mighty Khmer dynasty.

Hong Kong the Bourdain way!

Hong Kong is basically a bunch of islands and mountains.. the skyscrapers rise from the sea and into the mountains. It’s a weird amalgamation of nature, skyscrapers, people and food!