Around the world in a few beers

How’s 2020 going? Do you miss traveling? Do I miss traveling? I don’t know! Not as much as I thought I would. I am grateful for all the traveling that I have done so far. But once in a while, I find myself going through old photographs from my travels. And on one such nostalgic... Continue Reading →

Shasta adventure

First time in print! Story and pictures below. This story is from 2014 when I was still new to California and outdoors. The backstory is somewhat cliche, general frustrations with life and me trying to "find myself”. I found a meetup group which was run by a guy named M (it still is). I signed... Continue Reading →

Hayes Valley – Closed.

San Francisco's restaurants and businesses are closed. And new art has sprung up on closed store fronts. A walk around Hayes Valley.. Following the rules. The virus is greed. The original photographer! Social distancing.. They ran out of pistachio! Supply chain.. and manufacturing. Bonjour! See you soon, old friend! Petit Crenn and the honey bear.... Continue Reading →

The list

This might be the list for the decade or just the year. Who knows! Just putting it out there as a wishlist. Iceland winter Chile and Argentina. Patagonia backpackingItalian DolomitesFaroe islandsMount Assiniboine Trail, Banff at the intersection of fall and winterBerg lake trail in JasperDeath valley with the perfect moonAusangate mountain four day trek, Peruhuayhuash... Continue Reading →

Peru itinerary

     This itinerary has a lot of 4am wakeup calls and multiple days of 3 hour drives from Cusco. See my notes at the end for alternative choices. Day 1: Fly from SFO-Lima and Lima to Cusco. I did not spend any time in Lima but if you have the  time, 1-2 days might... Continue Reading →

Nusa Penida, a little escape from Bali

If you have been to Bali and thought about how Bali might have looked like before the Western surfers and yogis discovered it, or if you happen to go to Bali in the future and start thinking about old Bali, take a boat to Nusa Penida!

Hong Kong is basically a bunch of islands and mountains.. the skyscrapers rise from the sea and into the mountains. It's a weird amalgamation of nature, skyscrapers, people and food!

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