Apt 720

It’s May, 2020. The whole world is closed because of COVID-19 and everyone is stuck at home. I drove my car yesterday after 2 months. Today is Sunday and I have literally nothing to do. I already baked 2 banana cakes and could not finish the second one. I am in the middle of my … More Apt 720

The list

This might be the list for the decade or just the year. Who knows! Just putting it out there as a wishlist. Iceland winter Chile and Argentina. Patagonia backpacking Italian Dolomites Faroe islands Mount Assiniboine Trail, Banff at the intersection of fall and winter Berg lake trail in Jasper Death valley with the perfect moon … More The list


I have been to Yosemite around ten times in all seasons. Out of all the seasons, winter in Yosemite is the most magnificent. Every year just for a couple of weeks in February, the Horestail Fall in Yosemite National Park glows like flowing lava at sunset! On this particular day, it snowed on and off … More Yosemite

Peru itinerary

     This itinerary has a lot of 4am wakeup calls and multiple days of 3 hour drives from Cusco. See my notes at the end for alternative choices. Day 1: Fly from SFO-Lima and Lima to Cusco. I did not spend any time in Lima but if you time 1-2 days might be good. … More Peru itinerary