Finding magic in the middle of nowhere

     It was a crisp, sunny autumn day in Akureyri – the biggest city in northern Iceland. My agenda for the day was to see the northern lights. I had just been on a 10-day photography workshop with a big group of people. The workshop happened in Southern Iceland and after that, I drove around the country by myself, in search of more waterfalls and auroras. Weather in Iceland is very unpredictable in October and hence this clear day was my best chance to see the northern lights.

Dalvik – A small town literally at the end of the world!

      My plan was to shoot sunset and the northern lights at Godafoss. I had the whole day to kill before sunset and drove north aimlessly until I reached a small town called Dalvik. This part of Iceland is not on the main tourist circuit but it’s really the most beautiful drive in Iceland. I drove through snow-covered mountains where sheep grazed in peace until I reached a small black sand beach. This must be the closest I have been to the Arctic circle and looking out of the beach, it felt like I was looking at the end of the world!

Sunset at Godafoss

     The rest of the day was pretty uneventful with maybe fish-and-chips for lunch and the drive to Godafoss. Godafoss in Icelandic means “waterfall of the Gods”. It is a spectacular, horse-shoe shaped waterfall falling from just 39 ft. The sunset was pretty amazing and there were a couple of other photographers waiting for northern lights.

A little streak over Godafoss.

     The northern lights/aurora, however, was very faint when it showed up. There was a little streak in the sky and clouds rolled in out of nowhere. I waited and waited until I noticed that there was a layer of ice on my camera lens. I walked to my car to warm the camera and myself. Some kind of obsession takes over me when I am in places like these. I can wait in the cold for long hours to see something silly like a sunset. There was no more aurora to be seen and at around 11pm, I decided to drive back to Akureyri.

6X7A0884-5 (1)
Aurora over Akureyri

     As I was almost near Akureyri, I noticed there were cars parked on the side of the road. And then there it was, the aurora! The strongest I had seen in Iceland. I quickly parked by the side of a lake (or bay?) and took some pictures of the aurora above Akureyri. But now the regret and panic! I should have stayed back at Godafoss! I missed it after waiting for so long! Even though Google maps says the drive is 30 minutes, I had driven for almost an hour because of the curvy mountain roads and darkness. But I had to go back! And thus, I started driving back.

Sky full of stars and magic!

     As I was driving back to Godafoss, I came across a mountain pass. I had driven through this pass during the day and it was beautiful. Now, there was something else happening that was even more beautiful! Aurora! I stopped my car in the middle of the road as there was snow on the shoulders. And there I was in the middle of nowhere, while the night sky put on a private show just for me! On a cold, silent night, the sky lit up in all directions! The aurora does not make any sound. It was nothing like I have ever seen or experienced before. The show went on for 10 more minutes and not a single car passed by. I had no words to describe what I was seeing or experiencing. It was pure joy, some kind of physical joy that I could feel in my body. I screamed in joy and jumped and danced around, and had no idea where to look!

Genie’s lamp?
The end of the show

     I went back to my room, immediately edited some pictures and posted for everyone to see. But the story remained untold. I wanted to keep it for myself. I think about this night all the time. It’s like watching a movie. The best movie I have ever watched. It’s one of those moments that will pass by my eyes when I am dying.

Another unpublished scene from Iceland.
Vik – unpublished

     2019 hasn’t been a good year. For the past couple of years, I have been trying to find a home. This year, I decided to stay, not travel and maybe find a home for myself or create one. I made big travel plans for 2020 but as of now, we are all stuck in our homes, quarantined and social distancing. The biggest lesson in all of this has been how uncertain life can be and how futile it is to wait for the perfect moments in life. Every moment is perfect to be happy and to go after what you want. Never stop doing the things that you love to do in life, especially those that ignite your soul and set you free!!

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