Apt 720

It’s May, 2020. The whole world is closed because of COVID-19 and everyone is stuck at home. I drove my car yesterday after 2 months. Today is Sunday and I have literally nothing to do. I already baked 2 banana cakes and could not finish the second one. I am in the middle of my second weird sleep cycle. The first one was when I used to sleep at 3am and wakeup very late. Now I sleep at 8pm and wakeup at 4am. So I am up on Sunday at 4am and it’s not because I haven’t slept yet. It’s because I slept early. Never have I ever slept so early on a Saturday night! That reminds me, I binge watched “Never Have I Ever”. It has too many stereotypes and characters trying hard to do the Indian accent. But it’s also the only Minding Kaling show that I have been able to watch until the end. One stereotype is true though, South Indians and dosas. I make masala dosa at 6am, with butter and chutney. It’s Sunday morning!

My apartment on 7th floor has 2 big windows – one in living room and one in bed room. Both face the courtyard and everyone in the apartment building can watch what is happening in other’s houses. I wonder if any of my neighbors have ordered a pair of binoculars or a telescope. Like in that movie “The Rear Window”. I wonder if anybody is watching me cook an elaborate meal at 6am in the morning? Is this too boring to watch? I eat as I scroll through some apps on my phone, sitting on the couch. It’s a foggy and gray San Francisco morning.

I start watching Dead to Me, season 2 as I drink my second cup of tea. I really liked season 1 so hope they haven’t screwed up this season. Well, it started off a little dull but picked up intensity somewhere in episode 3. Another binge watching day it is! I sit on the couch all day and watch tv, sometimes looking at my phone, sometimes looking at my laptop. I think about all the things that I want to do “starting this Monday” -#carbcyclechallenge, #insanity30. Meanwhile, it’s suddenly hot and sunny outside. Summer is starting in San Francisco and so it’s foggy when we wake up. We have to go out when it gets sunny and come back home when it gets foggy again. I really want to go out and sleep on grass in a park. I am a little scared that I might just sleep off in the park and not wakeup until 3am. I am also scared that I might catch coronavirus. I go to my room and open the window. Sun is directly above the window. I sleep on my bed on the window side. How amazing, this is like sleeping on soft sand on a beach somewhere. The sun hits my eyes and I need sunglasses. Now I am sleeping my bed wearing sunglasses! I hope none of my neighbors are watching this! Or should I hope that they are watching this?

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